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     During the COVID 19 Crisis we are OPEN to provide advice and representation at the Police Station and Court.      Please call 01625 422944.


Criminal Investigation - The Police Interview


At the most crucial point of an investigation, the interview, it is extremely important that you are represented by a solicitor. We will advise, represent and assist you in person if you are :

1.arrested and detained at a Police Station after arrest or

2. voluntarily attending an interview at a police station under caution or

3. attending any interview under caution during the course of an investigation other than by the police eg DWP, the RSPCA or other agencies.


If you instruct us to represent you at this stage we will ensure that:


1.You will always be represented by a solicitor attending the police station in person.

2 You will be spoken to on the phone by a solicitor within 20 minutes of the solicitor receiving the call from the police.

3 You will know prior to the interview exactly what the allegation is against you and what our advice to you is.

3.The same solicitor will represent you at each interview

4.After your release you will be able to dicuss your case with that solicitor either by phone or by appointment, if by appointment one will be arrange ( if convenient ) within 3 days.

5. Our representation at the police station will always be free.

6. We will confirm our advice  in writing within 3 days.


Representation at a police station for an interview under caution is FREE.




Criminal Proceedings  - The Court Hearing


If you are required to attend court to face a charge it is vital that you are represented by a solicitor who is able to advise you on the law, procedure and evidence. We will advise, represent and assist you in person to defend any


1. Prosecution in the Magistrates' Court or Youth Court by way of charge or requIsition.

2 Crown Court cases

3 Breach of Court orders

4 Appeals against conviction or sentence or both.

5 Proceeds of Crime Applications

6 Motoring Prosecutions

7 Sexual Offences Prevention Order Applications

8 Anti-Social Behaviour Order Applications.


If you instruct us to represent you we will ensure that:


1 If you wish you will be represented and your case will be prepared by the same solicitor that represented you at your interview.

2 That solicitor will then represent you throughout the proceedings.

3 You will be given a copy of the evidence against you and you will be advised both orally and in writing the strength of evidence against you and what your plea should be. That letter will be sent to you within 3 days of your first court hearing.

4 You will be offered an appointment within 72 hours of requesting one.

5. If you are eligible the cost of your representation will be free.

6. If your case is sent to the Crown Court you will be offered an appoinment with your Higher Court Advocate no fewer that 7 days before your Crown Court Hearing.

Representation at the Police Station and Court